Boston #TeNA team successfully conducted another wonderful #Bathukamma festival yesterday in the picturesque Hopkinton State Park. We were honored to have Honorable MP Balka Suman as the chief guest. For those who do not know about Balka Suman – he is a symbol of new generation of leadership that has emerged because of the Telangana state movement. Suman coming from lowest strata of Indian society he could enter parliament, India’s highest institution of of our democracy at the age of 31 years old which is a rarity unless you are coming from a political dynasty. Indian political system is dominated and controlled by a handful of privileged castes and plagued by dynastic rule. It is the greatness of Telangana movement that created these new crop of leaders that India badly needs to make it a more equitable society. I guess Indian democracy has its own way of finding it’s own evolution.

On behalf of Boston TeNA team we wish sincerely wish to see Balka Suman emerging as a tall leader of India in the years to come.

Here is a short video of the event: